Reactive Retro

About Reactive Retro

Reactive Retro is an RPG where you walk around the world and slay the monsters you find.

Team up with 4 other friends and take on groups of monsters and dungeons together!

Choose a Class!

Choose from one of many character classes. You can become any class at any time - all of them are tracked separately! Unlock more classes by attaining higher levels of Fighter, Mage and Thief.

Set Your Loadout!

Select up to 6 skills to adventure with! You can learn skills from other classes after becoming experienced with them. Stack a skill multiple times for devastating effects!

Get Gear!

Find new gear, and pick the stats that work best with your build! Gear comes in all shapes and forms, and the only limit is your imagination (and maybe your level). You can find gear by killing monsters and getting lucky!

Party Up!

Get together with 4 additional friends! Destroy monsters together! Get a big XP bonus!

Buy and Find Items!

Look for special places on the map! They can be treasure chests, dungeons, or item shops! Find the item of your dreams!